How To Write A Great Pitch

Within the first 5 seconds of someone visiting your fundraising site, you need to grab their attention or else they will leave, which is why visuals are so important. But beyond the photo or video that tells 1,000 words, your campaign pitch is the most important thing. Why should anyone give you money?

Money Deposit a Gift Graphic

A Deposit a Gift fundraising site gives you a uniquely organized way to share your story and what you are raising money for. The main pages you will want to utilize are your ‘About’ and ‘Contribute’ pages. We also offer other pages for more granular information such as Event Details and Discussion items, but those are optional.

About Page:

This is where you want to share your story. The first few sentences are key.

You need to say:

  • Who you are
  • What you are raising money for
  • Why they should care and want to get involved

ExampleTake Culbreth Appreciation Fund. The parents who started this fundraiser for the teachers and staff of their school did a great job of laying out the challenges facing individuals in the educational system, as well as the need to thank and appreciate these individuals who have such a profound impact on the growth, development, and education of their children. They did a wonderful job of not only sharing their story, but including facts about why people should contribute.

Culbreth Appreciation Fund

We recommend that you use the About page as the basic hook to draw them in to why they should care about your cause and offer a high level idea of how the money will be used. Try to keep it to a few paragraphs, keeping in mind that people often don’t read past paragraph two. If you want to tell more of the backstory, consider using formatting such as a bold/underlined header called ‘Back Story’ or ‘More Details’ and put the more detailed information there.

Contribute Page:

This is where you want to share more information about what you are raising the money for and how you will use it. The more personal and detailed the better, without being excessive. You want them to feel a part of the story and show them how their contribution can make an impact, no matter the size of their contribution. If you plan to offer any rewards for contributing, you can detail this here as well.

The Contribute page is also a great place to lead with gratitude. Saying thank you goes a long way, so make it clear how much you appreciate their consideration of supporting you and your cause.

Here’s a nitty gritty guide to writing your pitch:

  • Open with a greeting and stating your name.
    • Example: Hello all! My name is John from [XYZ company, agency, town etc.].
  • Next, write a few sentences about who you are, your mission, and what you’re raising funds for.
    • Example: We are a garage rock band that currently plays at our local pub.    We want to professionally record our songs to send to music labels that have shown interest in us.  This is why we need your help today.
  • Now, start a new paragraph explaining how exactly people’s contributions will be used.
    • Example: The money you contribute will go directly towards all recording costs, such as the studio, paying for sound engineers, and CD production and design.  Ideally we hope to have the necessary funds within the next 6-8 week so that we can begin recording. We are reaching out to you, our fans, in the hopes that you will help us get to the next level. In return, we will reward you with copies of the new CD and tickets to upcoming shows. Thank you for your consideration in helping us achieve this dream!
  • Tips To Make Your Pitch Compelling:
    • Create a sense of urgency – people respond to deadlines.
    • Include an eye-catching complementary photo, or better yet, a video!
    • Have a clear, thoughtful story with enough detail to compel people to participate, but not so long that they don’t want to read it.
    • If you are able to, offer rewards for contributions, do so! People are often motivated to contribute if they get something in return.
      • Example: a DVD of the movie, a photo of the end result, a copy of the book, a t-shirt, even a personal phone call to say thank you.
    • And remember, the details are important: formatting, spelling and grammar matter. The sum of these parts gives your campaign the credibility it needs, so that even someone in the outer rings of your network would want to get involved – they’ll say to themselves, this is somewhere that I’d like to give my hard-earned money.

Good luck writing your pitch and if you would like us to take a look at it for suggestions and fine-tuning, please feel free to contact us directly.  We are happy to help in any way we can!