Ideas To Boost Your Campaign With Rewards

Crowdfunding campaigns often offer rewards in order to attract more contributors. These rewards (sometimes referred to as ‘perks’) give your audience an incentive to contribute because they are promised something in return for their support. It is a great way to attract and maintain loyal followers as well as to engage them with something related to your campaign.

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How Do Rewards Work?

Offering perks in exchange for campaign support is like creating a tiered rewards system to thank people for their contributions. Typically the type of reward is based on a certain contribution level. For example, if you created a fundraiser to open a bakery, you could offer various levels of treats depending on the amount of the contribution, such as 2 free cupcakes to $15 level supporters or a birthday cake for $75 level supporters.

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Ideas For Rewards You Could Offer:

  • Signed Photos
  • Stickers/Posters/Magnets
  • Clothing/Apparel
  • Membership Discounts
  • Pre-Pay of the Product You Are Launching to Get It First
  • Accessories with Your Brand Logo
  • Free Downloads
  • Mentions On Your Website
  • Personal Thank You Letters
  • Free Items
  • Tickets to a Show
  • DVDs
  • CDs
  • Copies of the Book
  • Lessons

The above are just some ideas to get your creative juices flowing. In reality, the only limit to the rewards you can offer is your imagination and budget. You want to make sure that the rewards you offer aren’t going to bankrupt you or the project – be sure to account for postage if you will need to mail anything. Most people are giving because the want you to succeed, and the reward is just like it sounds: a perk! Your contributors will really appreciate anything you reward to them for their contribution, which makes perks a great way to give your fundraiser an extra boost.

How Do You Offer Rewards with Deposit a Gift’s Fundraising Tool?

With Deposit a Gift you have two options to promote and market your rewards. One option is to simply list the tiered reward offering in the note on your Contribute page. The other option is to use our Gift List tool to create line-items that people can donate to that represent the different rewards.


Follow-Through and Wrapping Up Your Campaign

Following through with perks is essential. You have made a campaign promise to your supporters and it is your responsibility to make sure to get them what they are owed. This is part of wrapping up your campaign and thanking your supporters in a classy way to show the most appreciation possible. You never know when you may need to ask for their support again!