Raise Money for Adoption

Adoption is an incredible way to grow your family. Unfortunately, whether it is an in-country or foreign adoption, it is costly and not covered by insurance. However, we’re willing to bet that there are many people in your life that want to help you achieve your goal of being a parent! These are the people you should tap into to help you raise the money to bring home your child. Think of this like your “baby shower” before the baby. For many would-be-parents, we find the gift of the child is all they really want, and they’ll forego the onesies and extraneous toys any day.   

Dan and Lauries Adoption Fund

How does Deposit a Gift work to raise money online for an adoption?  To start, signup to create a free, customizable fundraising site to share your story. You’ll want to personalize it as much as possible with pictures and details about the adoption – the more people feel included in your journey, the more likely they are to give. Take advantage of our customization tools to add pictures and even break down the specific aspects of the adoption into an itemized gift list on your contribution page. For some, the process may be foreign, so this can be a helpful way to bring them into the loop and provide updates.

Adoptive white parent Black Child Photo

What can you raise money for to help with your adoption?

To help pay for…

  • Travel for required visitations
    • Multiple plane tickets
    • Hotel fees
    • Food and daily expenses
  • Adoption agency fees
  • Medical expenses
  • Legal fees
  • Orphanage contributions
  • Passport registration fee
  • U.S. immigration fee
  • Starter basics for to bring them home


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With Deposit a Gift you can customize your fundraising site in the most creative way possible so that it’s a reflection of what you’ve been through and where you are going. Let people know how much it means to you to become a parent and don’t be shy!

Adoption is a very personal thing and it can be hard to be so open with your story and needs, but once you do, you’ll be surprised by the flood of support you will receive. For many, they will think of it as an honor and a blessing to contribute to growing your family. So try to embrace this way of thinking and share your fundraising site with as many people as you can to generate excitement about this next phase in your life and let them get involved. Before you know it, you will be flying off to pick up your baby!