Raise Money for Personal Crises

Everyone faces moments of challenge at some point in their lives. It is during these moments that friends and family most want to support you, but often don’t know how or what you need. It is helpful to give them a constructive place to focus their good will so that they know the best way that they can be there for you during this time of need.

Personal Crises

Often financial support is most welcome to reduce this source of stress, and an easy way for people to contribute is to create a personal donation website online. People can give via credit card avoiding the cumbersome nature of collecting cash and checks. And with your custom web address, it’s simple to spread the word far and wide via email or by posting to social media. All of the money raised is held in one secure place in the name of the recipient so that they can use it when the time is right on what they deem most necessary.


What kinds of crises can you raise money for?

You can help pay for…

  • Home repairs and displacement
  • Food and household basics
  • Medical expenses
  • Post theft relief
  • Financial hardship
  • Rehabilitation and therapy
  • Special needs
  • Daily needs like meals and upkeep
  • Child care
  • Attorney’s fees
  • Death of a loved one





With Deposit a Gift you can customize your fundraising site so that it’s a true reflection of what you or your loved one is going through. You can set it up in the format of a fund or use our Gift List tool to showcase specifics that people can contribute to. Once you’ve got your site setup to reflect the greatest area of need, the key is spreading the word to everyone who would want to be involved.