Raise Money for Political Campaigns

During election season it is common for politicians to receive large donations from big companies, organizations, and the wealthy few, which is often supplemented by smaller donations from individual sources. With crowdsourced fundraising, politicians can now reach individual donors in a way that’s more personal than a standard black-and-white donation form.

Politics Deposit a Gift Graphic

Because crowdsourced fundraisers are more personal and naturally social, they are better to engage constituents (especially younger ones to get them into the donor pipeline!) and get them to share; the ultimate goal is to reach more people and raise more money than ever before!

A political candidate can set up an online fundraising site in minutes to be used in various ways:

  • A campaign for an upcoming election
  • To create an online home for an in-person political event
  • A short-term fundraiser to bring focus to a specific social cause
  • To raise money for their charity of choice

If you’re looking for an innovative way to raise money as a politician, consider the crowdsourced fundraising approach. The platform you use should be customizable so that it accurately reflects your political ideals and personality.

Once your site is set up, use your custom DAG URL on various marketing materials such as flyers, TV, web ads and mailings. You’ll also want to persistently share it with your personal and professional networks until it starts getting attention from those outside of your network. As the fundraiser spreads, you’ll have a higher chance of receiving donations as well as a greater ability to get people to care about your political goals. Good luck!