Raise Money for Team Sports

Playing on sports teams can be expensive, be they recreational, club, high school, or college sports.  Why let finances get in the way of you playing the sport you love? Creating a crowdsourced fundraising site is a great way to reach out to your network and raise money for your team’s needs.  In no time, you can continue playing the game you love while being worry free.

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What can you use Deposit a Gift to raise money for? 

To help pay for…

  • Travel expenses
  • Tournament fees
  • New equipment
  • Field or court time
  • Referees
  • League dues
  • Uniforms
  • New facility construction
  • Scholarships for those who could not otherwise play

Deposit a Gift Sports Equipment Graphic


My D. Edge Fundraiser

With Deposit a Gift you can customize your sports fundraising site in the most creative way possible so that it’s truly a reflection of you and what you are trying to accomplish. You can set it up in the format of a fund or use our Gift List tool to break down the different uses of funds so that your supporters can contribute to different areas of need.

San Carlos Force Cal State Games

Once you’ve got your site setup to reflect what you are trying to accomplish, the key is marketing it to the max to generate excitement about what you are doing and get people on board. The more you raise, the more you can focus on the game and playing your best!