What Makes Online Fundraising So Effective?

You might be asking yourself whether it’s worth it to move your fundraising efforts online:

  • Will I need to buy software?
  • Will it be expensive?
  • Will it be complicated to run?
  • Is it just “another thing I have to manage”?

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The answer is that moving your fundraising efforts online should make the process easier and help you raise more than you could offline because you can reach more people through your social network. And it should not be expensive.

You don’t need to purchase costly software to take your fundraisers online. You can set one up for free in a matter of minutes with a crowdfunding website like Deposit a Gift.

Look for a site that offers you features such as:

  • Secure Credit Card Processing & Encrypted Hosting Built-In
  • Seamless Redemption Options That You Control: Free ACH Direct Deposit or Personal Check
  • Exportable Tracking Mechanism For Contribution Data & Acknowledgements
  • User-Friendly Interface: Easy To Setup. Easy To Give
  • Custom URL of Your Choice
  • Multimedia Capabilities to Showcase Pictures and Video
  • Ability to set a goal to motivate supporters
  • Built-In Social Media Buttons to Go Viral

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Reasons to Consider Moving Your Fundraiser Online

1. Make It Easy. Eliminate Barriers That Limit Donations. 

  • Accept online payments via built-in credit card processor.
  • No paper, no mailing. Do good with just a click.
  • Extend an in-person event online to generate excitement & tap into a new pool of donors: alumni, relatives, those who can’t be present.

2. People Give More When They Know How Their Money Will Be Used.

3. Reach More People Than You Can With a Traditional Fundraiser.

  • Leverage social media to go viral with one link.
  • Engage people early & often via multiple marketing touch points.

Deposit a Gift provides the most fun, flexible and hassle-free online fundraising tools. You can use our service to raise money for anything that matters to you, whether you are an organization or an individual.

Some of the most popular uses of our crowdfunding platform are:

Online fundraising has changed the way people raise money, to make it a much faster, more enjoyable and seamless process. Sign up free and start fundraising today!