Study Abroad to Enhance Your Resume

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College is an amazing experience, but it also consists of tons of hard work and preparation for entry into a fiercely competitive job market. So what can you do to gain an edge over the competition? Studying abroad is just one awesome (and very fun!) way to set yourself apart and make you more marketable to employers. Here are just a few advantages…

Interacting with Diverse Groups of People

In today’s globalized economy, truly understanding the wants and needs of foreign clients is key to a business’s success. Studying abroad, you’ll meet people with views very different from your own; when you come back, your greater appreciation of different opinions and ideas will give you the skills to be a better communicator and negotiator.

Mastering a New Language

Studying a second language? Great idea! Speaking a second language is becoming a more and more valuable skill in the labor market. Many companies are opening branches in foreign countries and need to find a way to take advantage of these newfound markets to the fullest. Bilingual employees are the perfect choice to serve as a bridge between employer and client. Best of all, study abroad programs in non-English speaking countries provide a valuable opportunity for the full language-immersion necessary to obtain fluency.

More Global Networking

Making friends in other parts of the world can result in great bonding experiences and lots of happy memories. It can also reap rewards in the job market as well. International friends are all potential reliable business contacts that would be a great resource for any employer looking to expand to different areas.

Greater Willingness to Take Risks and Try New Things

Picking up and moving to another country for a semester or a year can be a scary experience. But it also shows that you have the confidence to take risks and can handle yourself in a stressful situation!

There are multiple benefits to studying abroad, and not all of them have to do with getting a job. You can use study abroad as an opportunity to explore your family’s background and gain a better understanding of your roots. You can also just use it to explore the diversity around you and spice up your college experience!