Overwhelmed by Weddings and Babies? One Gift-Giver Shares Her Perspective:

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On the topic of weddings and babies, when it rains it pours. If you’ve got one in a year, you’ve probably got more than that. These joyous events are nothing short of cause for celebration with those you love most, but in droves, even the most together person can get a bit overwhelmed. With all of the details to manage just to get to the event, online gift registries can be a saving grace. I can’t tell you how many of our gifts are purchased within the last 24 hours leading up to the event.

Though we typically share the ways Deposit a Gift can make the lives easier of the engaged couple or parents-to-be, someone recently pointed out how much easier it makes the lives of the gift-giver. Oh? I said…do tell…She offered a perspective we had never thought of. Perhaps you will relate? We left her thoughts unedited, because she truly said it best:

As a gift giver, I love the idea of DAG because it makes it very easy to personalize a gift without an effort – yup, for the lazy gift giver that wants to make it personal – I am this person. I am not proud of it but a getaway wedding is so busy with flight planning, hotel bookings, car rentals and all well in advance.  The gift is the last thing on my mind.  As a person that has had three weddings this summer at locations where I have had to travel, it would have been so nice to click on a link, make your choice of a gift, pay for it and you don’t worry about anything else.

You can avoid knowing what to give as a cash gift without the typical questions of: ‘What is the right amount to give if you travel to a wedding?’, What if I am solo, how much cash should I give?’, What is the amount of a gift for a wedding in Toronto vs. Saskatoon? Ask around and you will be surprised the differences of a geographical locations for cash gifts.  With DAG, I get to go on and select the gift that best suits the couple based on my experience with them.  I get to personalize the gift and take into consideration our relationship.  For any couple’s looking for making it easy on your guest, go with DAG.

So in honor of this perspective, today we offer a shout-out to all the supportive gift-givers out there. If you think Deposit a Gift would make your life easier, and make the gift-giving process more personal and fun, spread the word to all those engaged and pregnant friends of yours — we thank you much :)

Cheers to many happy occasions!