Frequently Asked Questions


The Basics

Deposit a Gift is a comprehensive crowdfunding website that’s helped thousands of users raise millions for everything from medical bills and disaster relief, to supporting local charities and schools, to honeymoons, home down payments and anything in between. We have been serving the global community since 2010. 
Whether you need to start a fundraiser, crowdfund a project or register for an upcoming celebration, Deposit a Gift is your one-stop-shop. We are the most fun, flexible and hassle-free way to raise money online for anything that matters to you. SIGN-UP FREE TODAY.

Anyone with a permanent mailing address (no P.O. boxes) in one of the following countries can use our service:

American Samoa, Andorra, Aruba, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bermuda, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Costa Rica, Denmark, Ecuador, El Salvador, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Guam, Hong Kong, Iceland, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Republic Of Korea, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Panama, Portugal, Puerto Rico, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, United States, United States Outlying Islands, Uruguay, Virgin Islands - British, and Virgin Islands - American

We accept American Express, Visa, MasterCard or Discover cards from the following countries:

American Samoa, Andorra, Argentina, Aruba, Australia, Austria, Bahamas, Bahrain, Barbados, Belgium, Belize, Bermuda, Bolivia, Brazil, Cambodia, Canada, Cayman Islands, Chile, China, Colombia, Costa Rica, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Guam, Guatemala, Honduras, Hong Kong, Hungary, Iceland, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Jordan, Kenya, Republic Of Korea, Kuwait, Lebanon, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Macao, Mexico, Monaco, Netherlands, New Zealand, Nicaragua, Norway, Oman, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Qatar, Russian Federation, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Slovakia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, Trinidad and Tobago, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, United States, United States Outlying Islands, Uruguay, Venezuela, Vietnam, Virgin Islands - British, and Virgin Islands - American, Zambia

Note: All gift amounts are represented in US dollars. If you are using a non-U.S. credit card, you may want to use this tool to confirm the exchange rate for your country:

Absolutely! If you would prefer to pay via phone, we are happy to accommodate your needs. Call the below number at any time or email us and we will set up a time to call you back at your convenience:

We allow you to customize a memorable and unique URL. Although our website is, our user websites are: (The 'XXX' is what you make unique to you during step one of the set-up process.)

You’ll have many uses for Deposit a Gift in your life, from fundraising to registries, and there’s no need to go through the sign-up process again. We encourage you to keep your account for the future -- think of it like an email address: it's yours for as long as you want! When you need to raise money for a cause, support disaster relief or a friend in crisis, establish a memorial fund, need a group gift, get engaged, have a baby, throw a surprise party, or find yourself getting ready for any other event, simply log-in and click "Create a New Fundraiser" or “Create A New Registry” to build your next DAG crowdfunding site. The ways that you can use Deposit a Gift for crowd-sourced fundraising are truly endless.

Money Redemption

Withdrawing your money is FREE with no restrictions. You can do it as often as you like.

To redeem money, just log-in to your account, and click the green CASH-OUT button on your dashboard. From there, you can easily arrange how you’d like to receive your money.

The redemption options are:

  • ACH Direct Deposit
    • Domestic (United States, including Puerto Rico) ACH- FREE
    • International Wire Transfer- $40 Bank Fee
  • Personal Check- FREE

For mail delivery of your personal checks, we send via:

  • USPS 1st Class Mail- FREE

We strongly recommend cashing-out electronically via ACH direct deposit vs. personal check. It's fast, free and you don't have to contend with the mail, which is not trackable the way electronic transfers are. For cash-out requests that are $500 or less, your cash-out options will be ACH and International Wire transfer. For cash-out requests over $500, you will also have the option of a personal check.


For security reasons, we can only issue transfers or checks in the name of the designated recipient of contributions for Fundraisers and the primary registrant (ie. Registrant 1) for Registries, and we can only mail to the address provided during setup. All of this information is found in the Preferences section of your dashboard.


Note: All balances are represented in US dollars. Money redemptions are drawn from FDIC insured, US based, Chase bank; no currency conversions will be made on our behalf. If the account in which you deposit the funds is delineated in a currency other than US dollars, you may incur currency conversion fees from your bank.

All Cash-Outs will be processed Monday-Friday within 48-72 hours of the request. The free direct deposit ACH transfer is the fastest option. The transfer time by the bank typically takes 1-2 business days after we have processed it. Personal checks will take the time necessary to be delivered to your home via standard USPS mail.

No, you do do not need to have a bank account to use the Deposit a Gift service. You also have the option to redeem your money via personal check.

Absolutely. Although we are a U.S. based business, we've built our service to support our users around the globe. Everything is virtual and accessible any time, day or night.

When dealing country-to-country, the reality is that there will always be some sort of currency conversion fee, but it is almost always more cost effective to receive money via credit card, than for you to bear the brunt of a significant fee when depositing a check. The main thing is that we want to be sure you get the most out of what you earn.


Here's the important part: You must check with your bank to confirm foreign check deposit fees, fees to accept foreign wire transfers, currency exchange fees and how long it takes for a foreign check to clear. Every bank is different, so we cannot provide you with a set guideline. In some instances, it may work in your favor. What we can tell you is exactly what the costs are on our end.


Some possible scenarios to help you evaluate your situation:

  • If you do have a U.S. bank account, but will be receiving gifts from friends and family in non-U.S. countries, DAG may be the answer to getting the most out of your gifts because you could avoid the many fees that U.S. banks levy on foreign checks, and also avoid the clearing time (which can take up to 6 weeks).
  • If your non-U.S. bank will deposit a U.S. dollars check, not charge you any fees and clear it immediately, then the best, most inexpensive option is to request that we mail you a check via USPS 1st Class Mail, which is free and part of our service.
  • If your bank will allow you to receive an International Wire transfer for no fees, then this may be your best, most expedient option. The cost is $50 (our bank's charge), but the transfer is immediate, so you will have the money within a day or two.


The Basics

The value of the Deposit a Gift fundraising platform goes way beyond just being a processor of funds, it's a marketing tool that allows you to showcase your work and encourage people to get involved in the easiest way possible. The fundraising sites are naturally social with built-in social media tools, so it is the best way to reach more people and raise more money.


Click here to see samples and get inspired!

Make It Easy. Eliminate Barriers That Limit Donations. 

  • Accept online payments via built-in credit card processor.
  • No paper, no mailing. Do good with just a click.
  • Extend an in-person event online to generate excitement & tap into a new pool of donors: alumni, relatives, those who can’t be present.

People Give More When They Know How Their Money Will Be Used.

  • Create personal connections: Bring your story to life with pics & video.
  • Share progress updates to show supporter dollars at work.


Reach More People Than You Can With a Traditional Fundraiser.

  • Leverage social media to go viral with one link.
  • Engage people early & often via multiple marketing touch points.

Deposit a Gift provides the most fun, flexible and hassle-free online fundraising tools. You can use our service to raise money for anything that matters to you, whether you are an organization or an individual.


Some of the most popular uses of our crowdfunding platform are:

With DAG you get more than just a donation page, you get a mini-website to support your cause, complete with:

  • Custom URL of Your Choice
  • Ability To Sell Event Tickets & Solicit Donations In One Place
  • Tool To Offer Sponsorships, Rewards & Perks
  • Post Offline Donations For Full Transparency
  • Customizable Receipt To Include Your Personal Message, Tax ID, etc
  • Multimedia Capabilities to Showcase Pictures and Video
  • Secure Credit Card Processing & Encrypted Hosting Built-In
  • Seamless Redemption Options That You Control: Free ACH Direct Deposit or Personal Check
  • Exportable Tracking Mechanism For Contribution Data & Acknowledgements
  • User-Friendly Interface: Easy To Setup. Easy To Give
  • Built-In Social Media Buttons to Go Viral

With Deposit a Gift, supporters make contributions that aggregate towards a goal so that everyone can see their collective impact. You can set your fundraiser up as a general fund, and with Deposit a Gift you also have the option to use our special gift list tool to break down the use of funds into customized line-items for more directed giving. This is a great way to bring to life how contributions will be used and help supporters feel more connected to the story by seeing exactly how they can make a difference.


As word spreads and contributions make the thermometer rise, your site facilitates seamless money collection because all the funds go into one account that you can access at any time.

There is no cost to setup and we welcome everyone -- no application required! Any person or organization can use Deposit a Gift to create a project that is in line with our Terms. There is no cost to create your fundraising site, so go on and give it a whirl to see what you can do!

Traditional fundraising through charity events and appeal campaigns still have value, but crowd-sourced fundraising offers an opportunity to enhance these efforts to create viral campaigns that reach more people and raise more money.


Crowdfunding can help you expand the meaning of community so more people can get involved beyond your email list. You want to give people something they can share and connect with. Though many organizations have taken their fundraising efforts online, that usually entails just a simple “Donate” button on their website – much more sterile and transactional. A social and personal online donation site empowers your supporters to help turn an ordinary campaign into a viral campaign.

Traditional fundraising through charity events and appeal campaigns is not going away. But many are also looking to crowdsourced fundraising with Deposit a Gift as a way to expand their efforts and leverage simple technology to reach more people and raise more money. It’s a terrific way to tap into the organization's social network and expedite the fundraising process, but that doesn’t mean it has to replace your annual traditional campaigns – on the contrary, it can be an incredible complement!


Here are ways an online component can support your offline fundraiser:

  • Use it as an invitation
  • Sell tickets to your event with Deposit a Gift and then up-sell incremental donations
  • Eliminate your paper RSVP to drive people online, increasing the likelihood of faster, larger donations by a wider network of people due to social sharing
  • Create an online home to kick off the event early and start driving advance donations
  • For those that cannot attend the event, they can still get involved online by giving and sharing
  • Leverage it as a post-event wrap-up tool to update people on the success of the event and give them another opportunity to contribute

Deposit a Gift can be used by anyone, whether you are an individual or an organization, and whether or not you are a nonprofit.


If you are a nonprofit, you will be responsible for providing the appropriate tax acknowledgements to your contributors. This is easy because we offer a customizable receipt tool where you can add a personal message to our automatic receipt that includes your Tax ID information, etc. We also recommend that you include some disclaimer language on your Contribute page to be clear about your protocol.


Here is an example of how it could read:

[Insert name of your organization- you can even link to your main website] is a 501(c)(3) organization and your donation is deductible as a charitable contribution to the full extent allowed by law. You will receive an automatic receipt from Deposit a Gift of your contribution for your credit card records and we will follow-up via mail with the proper tax acknowledgement for your generous donation.

Service Cost

Signing-up for our service and creating your fundraising site is always free. There are no contracts, no monthly or yearly fees, or hidden costs. Our pricing is uncomplicated, transparent, and importantly, the lowest in the crowdfunding market. It's a pay-as-you-go model, and the cost per campaign is between 2-4 cents on the dollar depending on how much you are planning to raise.


For a visual representation of the pricing outlined below, see How It Works & click 'Choose The Plan' under POPULAR FEATURES to trigger the pricing graphic:

  • Basic Plan: 7% DAG platform fee (no upfront cost) + cc
  • Full Service Plan: $49 one-time flat charge reduces your DAG platform fee to 6% + cc
  • Total Control Plan: $149 one-time flat charge reduces your DAG platform fee to 5% + cc


Deposit a Gift is the most customizable fundraising solution you can find. All of the incremental money that you raise from having a super-social marketing tool at your fingertips to raise awareness for your cause should more than make up for our fee. You pay for what you raise, so it's a low-risk way to give this innovative new way to fundraise a try...Why not? If it doesn't work, you pay nothing. If it does, you simply pay for what you raise and it is deducted at the time of cash-out.


NOTE: Each time that you set up a new campaign you will choose the plan that you would like to be on for that campaign. This means that if you pay for an upgrade, it is only valid for that specific campaign. It also means that you are not locked into a particular plan whenever you use Deposit a Gift -- you always have the flexibility to choose the plan that is right for you based on the new campaign's fundraising goals. Click to learn more about which plan is right for you.

People typically base their payment plan decision on their fundraising goal:

  • If you believe you will raise more than $10,000, then we recommend upgrading to the Total Control plan to bring your DAG platform fee down to 2%.
  • If you believe you will raise between $5,000-$10,000, then we recommend upgrading to the Full Service plan to bring your DAG platform fee down to 3%.
  • If you are unsure, we recommend starting with the Basic plan where you pay nothing upfront. If it doesn't work, then you never pay anything. If it does, you simply pay for what you raise. And you can always upgrade your plan along the way. 

For full plan details, see How It Works & click 'Choose The Plan' under POPULAR FEATURES:

  • Basic Plan: 7% DAG platform fee (no upfront fee) + cc
  • Full Service Plan: $49 one-time flat charge reduces your DAG platform fee to 6% + cc
  • Total Control Plan: $149 one-time flat charge reduces your DAG platform fee to 5% + cc

Yes! If at any time you would like to upgrade your payment plan, simply visit your dashboard and click 'Upgrade Plan' to make the change. Please note that upgrades are not retroactive. If you upgrade your plan mid-campaign, the new fee structure only applies to contributions moving forward. If you believe that your campaign would benefit from an upgrade based on your goal, then we would recommend that you upgrade before you begin to generate contributions. Read more about how to choose the plan that is right for you here.


Our system keeps track of which contributions were made on which plan, so you always have an accurate accounting. You can see this for yourself on your Contribution Manager, which is accessible from your dashboard by clicking the 'View Contributions' icon.


Note: You are not able to downgrade your plan once you have upgraded to a lower fee. Upgrades are non-refundable.

It may seem like all crowdfunding sites have the same fees, but quite a few have hidden fees and you must read the fine print. Also, each site varies regarding your access to the money, what happens if you don’t meet your goal and if they charge you to redeem or restrict how often you can cash-out. We encourage you to read the fine print and look for a site that gives you the most comprehensive, transparent and lowest pricing, coupled with the flexibility, customization and support that you need for a successful campaign.


  • Our fees are the lowest. We start at 7% and go down.
  • Our credit card cost is a standard 3.5%. There is no sliding scale depending on what is charged.
  • We allow you to keep everything you raise, no matter what. And we don't charge you a higher fee for the privelege of that flexibility.
  • Our cash-out process is free and controlled by you. There are no fees to redeem your money via direct deposit.
  • We do not make you use a 3rd party to cash-out.

No, your fundraiser contributors are never charged any fees.

Optimal Setup & Marketing Your Fundraiser

Think of your crowdfunding site like a storefront: it has to be well-designed, welcoming and engaging enough to draw people in and incite the desired action.

The idea is that you want to give people something to share and connect with. A transactional donation page isn’t built to go viral. But a unique micro-site with a custom URL, easy donation interface, built-in social media buttons and multimedia showcasing your cause is!

You want to think of it from a marketing perspective:

  • If it was passed along to someone who didn't know anything about your organization, what would draw them in and compel them to give?
  • And what would make it easy to share?

These days, with fundraising, you need to go beyond the transaction to create a compelling website with the built-in social tools to help you reach more people and raise more money. You want something that tracks your progress, shows engagement and makes people want to join your unique and worthwhile cause.

Step 1 – It’s all about the setup: DAG offers you the tools to create a unique micro-site for your crowdfunding campaign. Address each one and you’re good to go!

  • At least one picture or video
  • Tell a compelling story
  • Choose a memorable URL
  • Offer rewards or sponsorship levels


Step 2 – It’s all about the marketing: You’ve got to have a plan. Think about who you want to reach out to and how.

  • Who are the key influencers in your life that you could ask to give early, but also to share – think of it like a chain letter and try to get the most connected people to help you spread the word.
  • Gather all of your email addresses into one list so it is easy to send emails to your contacts.
  • Build momentum through any channel that works for you: email, newsletters, and social media platforms are typically best because they are online and allow you go viral.
  • You can promote offline as well because the unique URL prints perfectly on everthing from postcards and flyers, to business cards and appeal letters.


Please visit our Education Center for over 50 articles offering advice on optimal setup and marketing tips. Setting your site up in a credible and easy-to-read way with engaging imagery is key. But once published, everything comes down to the marketing. We encourage you to take the time to read our expert articles so that you can create a road map to launch strong and promote the campaign to meet and exceed your goals!

Crowdfunding is all about engagement. What better way to engage your supporters than by offering them something in exchange for their contribution? We provide a great tool for you to create a list of rewards or sponsorship levels on your campaign site. It's a fantastic way to show supporters your appreciation, and can also be an incentive to give since they are promised something in return.


How Does It Work?

  • During the setup process you will be directed to edit your Contribute page to set your goal, add a suggested contribution amount and write a note about use of funds.
  • Right below that is the tool to add Sponsorships and Rewards.
  • You simply click that button and follow the step to fill-in the details, simple as that!

If you need assistance or have questions, please contact us at any time.

To make a great first impression and grab the attention of potential supporters, we highly recommend uploading an image to your fundraiser's homepage. We will prompt you to upload the image in the Setup Wizard. However, if you would like to edit it later, that is no problem. Simply log-in, go to the dashboard for that fundraiser and click the 'Design Site' icon. At the top of the page you can upload as many images as you want!

Homepage Banner Image:

Our system has a built-in cropper tool for the fundraising homepage banners, but should you like to create a custom image, here are the specs:

  • The homepage banner is 908x260.
  • The social media overlay bar is 44 pixels high, in case you would like to create something with enough white space to avoid the bar.

Interior Page Images:

The sub-pages of your DAG site area all equipped with media galleries. The image space is 588x320.

Contribute Page Thumbnails:

The thumbnails for specific items and rewards are square, sized 175x175.

  • Images: Max file size 6MB in the format of JPG, PNG or GIF
  • Video: We accept embeddable code from Youtube or Vimeo

Continue to email weekly and post often in social media. Look for excuses to reach out:

  • Update people on your progress
  • Show gratitude and do shout-outs to people who've been helpful
  • It’s a special occasion like you’re birthday, this would be the perfect gift, so let people know!
  • Tell them you’ve added new pics to the site
  • When the campaign is over, reiterate your thanks and make sure your supporters know that you couldn't have done it without them

There’s a persistent myth that there are millions of benevolent donors just trolling the Internet to find you and give to your cause. This myth is bolstered by crowdfunding sites that promote the power of their community to support your campaign. When it comes down to it, approximately 70% of contributions will come from your personal network, so having a plan for how to tap into that is key.


Think about how you can build momentum early, make that thermometer rise and show some traction. Start with the key influencers in your life. Who can you personally tell about your campaign to get them on your side to contribute first? People like to follow the herd; if they see others giving, they are more likely to give, too.

People respond to goals and deadlines. It helps give them something to shoot for and creates a sense of urgency to get involved. So when you are setting up your site, you want to communicate both. On your 'Edit Contribute' page you will be prompted to choose a goal. You want to select an amount that is realistic for what you truly need and maybe a bit aspirational, but you don't want it to be a ridiculous number that no one will find believable. Keep in mind that you can always modify your goal during the campaign.


We also offer you the option to set a suggested amount for flat contributions. That amount will always be present in the 'Contribute Now' ribbon and tends to facilitate faster giving because the only thing people have to do is click to give.

Innovative Features

You heard right! Deposit a Gift is the only crowdfunding website that offers you the ability to sell tickets and solicit donations, all in one place. 


Use our unique feature to sell tickets as a way to eliminate paper RSVPs and drive people online to upsell them for incremental donations. This way you can not only run a greener event, you should be able to raise more by actively enlisting their support in the moment (instead of passively hoping that they send in a check if they can't attend) and grow your email list (because with our tools you capture and keep all donor data).


Our pricing is much less than other online ticket sales tools that you may be familiar with, and theirs don't offer you the benefit of upselling supporters for incremental donations the way Deposit a Gift does.


To Access This Feature:

  • Go to your Dashboard
  • Scroll down to the 'Fuel Your Fundraising Campaign' section and click on the link to sell tickets
  • On this page you will be prompted for all of the information necessary to sell tickets to your event

As part of the unique feature that we offer you to break down the use of funds, we provide the ability for you to offer sponsorships, rewards or request that people contribute towards a specific need. Many organizations and schools that are raising money and planning events want to give their supporters the ability to sponsor something specific, be it a table, an ad or even an individual in need.


To Add Sponsorships:

  • Go to your Dashboard
  • Click 'Edit Site' --> This takes you to your Site Manager
  • There you will click to edit your Contribute page
  • Scroll to the bottom and look for the orange 'Add New Sponsorship/Reward' button to add as many as you would like
  • You can upload your own image to showcase the sponsorship opportunity, write a description and set a price

Why Limit Yourself To Just Who Can Attend Your Event? Deposit a Gift is the easy way to create an online 'home' for your event: sell tickets and solicit donations all in one place! It's like an online response card with built-in functionality to prompt incremental donations. Open up the virtual doors to your event in a social way so that anyone can get involved and offer their support.


No more passive response cards hoping people will donate when they decline to attend. Now with DAG, everyone is a prospect, whether they can attend or not.


Unique Benefits Of Creating An Online 'Home' For Your Event:

  • Sell Tickets
  • Sell Sponsorships
  • Sell Raffle Tickets
  • Nest The Link To Your Auction
  • Most Importantly -- Upsell People For Incremental Donations. It's Easy Because It's All Done Online!


You don't want to create any boundaries or limits on who you can solicit. The idea is to leverage the virtual world and social networks to open up your events and invite people to give, no matter what.

Yes! During checkout, we offer supporters the option to note if their contribution is on honor or memory of someone, and the ability to include an email address where we can send a notifiction of their generosity. We do not include how much was given, just that something was given. This is a great way for supporters to be able to honor their loved ones.


It also works perfectly for fundraisers with a competitive aspect, where people need to get credit for contributions made in their honor, such as a school jogathon or nonprofit golf tournament.

We understand that for certain projects and campaigns, offering supporters a reward or perk is an important factor in motivating them to give more, so we've made it easy!


To Add Rewards and Perks:

  • Go to your Dashboard
  • Click 'Edit Site' --> This takes you to your Site Manager
  • There you will click to edit your Contribute page
  • Scroll to the bottom and look for the orange 'Add New Sponsorship/Reward' button to add as many as you would like
  • You can upload your own image to showcase the reward, write a description and set a price


Incentives are a great way to encourage people to give, so definitely think about what you can offer!

One of the cool things about Deposit a Gift is how customizable your fundraiser is. Specifically, you have the ability to create a fundraiser that’s more than just a fund for flat donations; you can break down your various needs into specific line-items using our tool to create individual donation items for more directed giving. Think of it like a riff on a gift registry! It’s a great way to give people a sense for the use of funds and empower them to give to a preferred area of need. You can create them one by one, or you can use our Rapid Registry tool.


To Access This Feature:

  • Go to your Dashboard
  • Click 'Edit Site' --> This takes you to your Site Manager
  • There you will click to edit your Contribute page
  • Scroll to the bottom and you will find the tools mentioned below


For Easy Setup, Use the Rapid Registry Tool:

We’ve made it super-easy to create a donation registry wish list. Just go to your dashboard and click the ‘Edit Site’ icon to access your Site Manager. There you will click to edit your Contribute page. Look for the orange “Rapid Registry” button to trigger a menu of pre-made options organized by theme, everything from PTA to Medical Expenses to Adoption. Find the option that best suits your fundraising needs and add the items to your list.


Add Individual Donation Line-Items:

You also have the option to add items individually by clicking the orange ‘Add New Donation Item’ button to trigger our Image Bank of over 5,000 stock images to choose from.

We offer a great tool for you to add offline contributions to your total raised -- after all, giving begets giving so it behooves you to showcase all of the progress that you've made towards your goal, even if it was done offline.


Adding Offline Contributions Is Easy:

  • Go to your Dashboard
  • Click 'Manage Contributions' --> This takes you to your Contribution Manager
  • Click the orange 'Add Offline Contribution' button and fill in the desired information
  • The money you input will be reflected in your thermometer's total raised and will also appear in your Recent Activity feed to show engagement
  • Within your Contribution Manager totals, we delineate what has been raised online and what has been raised offline, so you will always know what is what


In the end what you will have is a complete database of everyone who has given, which you can export into excel for donor management.

Absolutely! We have an awesome tool that you will find on your Dashboard to allow you to personalize our automatically generated email receipt. Add a custom message to include anything from Tax ID information, to a video thank you link, to a call to action to help you spread the word!

To Access This Feature:

  • Go to your Dashboard
  • Scroll down to the 'Fuel Your Fundraising Campaign' section and click on the link to sell tickets
  • On this page you will be prompted for all of the information necessary to customize our receipt


Save yourself time and money with our customizable receipt tool so that supporters receive everything they need in our automatically generated receipt!

Money Management

Once you have setup your custom DAG fundraising site, you share your website URL with anyone you would like to contribute to your cause. Supporters give easily via credit card in two minutes or less. The system automatically sends them a receipt for their credit card records. You may decide to followup with a separate acknowledgement.


All contributions you receive are archived in your Contribution Manager, so you know exactly what you have raised at all times.

With Deposit a Gift you are free to raise as much money as you can. Even if you meet the goal, your fundraiser will still remain open. The goal is just meant to be a target, but it does not define any sort of limitation or signify that the fundraiser will close. Your supporters are also free to contribute any amount at any time.

Whether you hit your goal or not, with Deposit a Gift you keep all of the money you raise! You will never be charged anything extra or penalized for not reaching your goal.

You have the option to opt-in to contribution notifications during step 1 of fundraiser setup, so that every time you get a new contribution you will receive an email. Regardless of if you opt-in for these notifications, we provide you with a Contribution Manager in your account to track everything you've received, who it is from and if you've cashed-out. The Contribution Manager is accessible from your dashboard by clicking the 'Manage Contributions' icon.


Your Contribution Manager also has Thank You note tracker where you can record your personal acknowledgements. If you would ever like to opt-out of these notifications, visit your Preferences on the dashboard to change the setting.

Definitely. Your Contribution Manager retains a complete record of everyone who has given and all of their contact information, unless they have chosen to give anonymously. At any time, you may export this information into Excel to keep a copy on your personal computer or merge with other donor data.


Your Contribution Manager is accessible by clicking the 'View Contributions' icon on your fundraising dashboard.

Questions For Contributors

Your contribution will appear on your statement as DEPOSIT A GIFT. It will not appear in the name of the person or organization that you are supporting.

Yes. Upon processing your contribution, we will automatically email you a receipt to the address you provided. If you do not see it in your Inbox within minutes, please check your Spam folder.

Whether or not your contribution is tax deductible is not determined nor investigated by Deposit a Gift. We provide the platform to support the fundraising endeavor, but are not directly associated with any campaign. It is the responsibility of the campaign organizer to communicate to you if your support is considered deductible as a charitable contribution to the full extent allowed by law. Please contact the campaign organizer to inquire.

You can contribute to a fundraiser in 2 minutes or less. Simply:

  • Type the amount you want to give
  • Click the 'Contribute Now' button
  • Enter your credit card information
  • Click the big orange button to 'Send My Contribution Now'


You will know your contribution went through if you land on the confirmation page with a green confirmation number. The system will also automatically send you a receipt for your credit card records. If you are expecting a receipt for tax purposes, that is something that the organization you are giving to will need to provide.


Note that the charge will appear on your credit card as: DEPOSIT A GIFT. Not as the name of the person or organization you gave to.

In terms of online security, our site uses industry standard 128-bit SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) to ensure that sensitive data (ie. credit card number, name, address, etc.) is transmitted securely during every transaction. SSL encrypts the data before it is transmitted so that it can never be read.


In terms of the safety of a particular campaign, we recommend that you only give to who you know and trust. If something doesn't seem right, go with your gut, and don't give. In cases where you sense a red flag, kindly report it to us.


The Basics

Deposit a Gift is the online cash registry site for all of life’s Big Events.

With a traditional service, you sign-up at specific stores for the gifts you’d like to receive today. With DAG, you build a registry based on what you’d like to save for in the future.

Guests contribute monetary gifts that go into a personal account which you can access at any time. The cash is yours to use towards anything your imagination can conjure. And because DAG is a registry service instead of a store or a travel agency, you’re free to make purchases anywhere.


Read the reviews to see what's being said about us by real users. Sign-up now!

The best way to see our service in action is by viewing our Demos. Another informative area to check-out is our Samples page. Here you will see a bunch of ideas for how Deposit a Gift can be used.


You may also enjoy hearing from real users like yourself and seeing what kind of registries they created that were well-received by friends and family. Click here for testimonials.

No. Your registry is meant to give your guests an idea of what you want and express how you’ll treasure their gift, allowing them to "buy" you something, while still giving you cash. However, in the end, the money is yours to do with as you please.

That’s the fun of cash. Buy what you want, when you want it, from wherever you like, with no time constraints. It’s all about your schedule. Your personal style.

We get it. Some of you just aren’t into getting more “stuff.” You aren’t ready to turn your home into a warehouse, nor do you feel like laboring over what you might need in the future, when you’d rather just buy what you need as you go.

Maybe you’re moving or celebrating far from home?  Or maybe you just don’t want to register for what everyone else is going to get.

Perhaps you do know exactly what you want - your first home, a dream vacation or a college fund for your new baby. And you also know that cash is the thing to best get you there.

Any gift-giving event that you feel comfortable registering for. Weddings and commitment ceremonies usher in a new phase of life and a host of new desires - your dream honeymoon, timeless dining room furniture or a down payment.


New babies are perfect occasions too, whether you’re adopting, adding to your clan, or welcoming your very first. And don’t forget graduation. Make it easy on those struggling with what to get the newly-minted grad. DAG gives you options that other registries don’t.

You can also register on behalf of someone else. DAG works perfectly for surprises, retirements, big birthdays, and anniversaries. Maybe you know something they’ve been aching to do, but don’t have the cash for. Now you can motivate friends to contribute so you all share the fun of handing the guest of honor a check with their name on it. When the party’s over, they'll use the registry for inspiration to put the funds to good use.

Yes! Absolutely. Deposit a Gift is the perfect way to throw a party or a shower for a loved one and surprise them with the best gift ever!

Here's how you do it:

  • Sign-up for the account in your name with your personal email and address (your DAG account is good forever, so you can use it this time to create a registry on behalf of someone else, and maybe next time it will be for you!)
  • Set-up the registry with your friends as Registrant 1 and Registrant 2 (if that applies) and specifying their address. The money will be issued in the name of Registrant 1.
    • During the registry set-up process (Step 1), you will also indicate to us that this registry is for someone other than yourself. This tells the system to give you access to a gift certificate generator in your GIFT MANAGER.
  • To present them with the gift, you will have the option to cash-out and get the money or to print a gift certificate using the generator mentioned above. Your decision will depend on how soon the party is: Gift-givers often buy their gifts last minute, so the gift certificate is a great option to just print and go on the spot and then after you present your friends with their gift, you can log-in and do our easy Cash-Out process to request that the money be sent to them directly.

Most definitely. Deposit a Gift registries are perfect for showers. We offer a couple of tools that make it fun and easy to give a shower gift:

  1. During checkout Step 2 the gift-giver has the option to delay their gift to be delivered electronically after the shower date. So even though the gift will appear as 'Fulfilled' on the registry list, the registrant will not receive notification telling them who it is from.
  2. Once the purchase has been made the gift-giver has the option to print a gift certificate.

How do you bring a "virtual" gift to a shower? 

Get creative!! People giving Deposit a Gift shower gifts often get do fun things like wrapping the certificate in a nice dish towel, sexy lingerie or a cute onesie, or including it in a card with parenting or marital advice. All of these things are great ways to make it feel like a real and personal gift, while still giving the guest of honor a gift that they truly want and will always remember you for.

Service Cost

Creating a personal Deposit a Gift website and registry is absolutely free! We wish the entire service could be, but unfortunately due to the cost of accepting credit cards and maintaining the site, we do need to charge for processing gifts.


Our total service cost is always a flat 10.5% of the total gift purchase balance, and it's your decision who pays for it. It is inclusive of the 7% transaction fee that keep our lights on and our top notch customer service running, and the 3.5% that goes to the credit card processor for the convenience of online payments.  There are absolutely no extra costs. No taxes. No gift wrapping costs. No shipping charges. No withdrawal fees.

During the 'Create a Registry' process, you choose if you want the gift-giver pay the fee or if you, the registrant, will pay for it. We set the default to the gift-giver, because we find that the gift-giver will most likely want to cover the fee for you so that you get the full benefit of the gift.

10.5% is much lower than what a gift-giver would normally pay for taxes, shipping and gift wrap, so everybody wins. Even if you return your gifts for cash, you never get the shipping and gift wrap money back; that has gone to waste. And unlike gift cards, the cash in your DAG account can be used on anything you choose, at any venue you select.

We’re all about choices. During the 'Create a Registry' process, you can choose to have your gift-giver pay the 10.5% flat fee or you, the registrant, can opt to pay the fee.

We set the default to the gift-giver, because we find that the gift-giver will most likely want to cover the fee for you so that you get the full benefit of the gift.

You might be asking yourself this question if you know that the average credit card cost for online merchants is a bit over 3%. Some gigantic online companies may get lower rates, but fees for Internet-based companies they are almost always more than those charged to brick-and-mortar stores. Our fees are based on what it costs us to process credit cards, maintain the site and manage overhead.

No, there are absolutely no fees for withdrawing your money with the exception that if you choose International Wire Transfer there is a $50 fee. We are the only cash gift registry service that does not charge you for cash-outs (especially for the ease of ACH direct deposit) and that does not restrict how often you can cash-out.


For full details about the cash-out process, see the GENERAL 'Basics' section above: How do I cash-out (ie. redeem or withdraw) my money?

We are proud to be one-of-a-kind. We are the only cash gift registry service that offers you:

  • No cost for set-up and a low service fee on gifts: a flat 7.5% (4% transaction fee + standard 3.5% credit card fee)
  • Free cash-out options with no restrictions
  • Free custom websites for any event- from fundraising to crowdfunding, graduation to wedding to baby and beyond, all with 1 account
  • The flexibility to choose who pays the service fee
  • An advertising-free site - you will never have your personal website commercialized

Our service fee is uncomplicated, transparent, and competitive. It covers the cost to process credit cards (a standard 3.5%) + the costs to run the business and provide you with an incredible user experience and customer service.

We urge you to do your homework – find out what rates our competitors charge and what user experience they offer. Don't forget to read the fine print! Some offer a lower fee, but only if you make purchases through their partners. Some tack-on the credit card processing fee separately. Others charge you to redeem your gift money.

We feel certain when you’ve done the research, you’ll find that DAG offers the most flexibility at the best value, with an unparalleled user experience…if we do say so ourselves!

Convenience: It’s far more convenient for guests to use a credit card than give a check or cash -- plus, earn rewards points in the process! Credit cards also offer a quick and seamless checkout, versus using a service such as PayPal which diverts the gift-giver to an outside site and can be confusing.


Safety: If you are celebrating a big event like a wedding, using a service like this to collect your monetary gifts can make a world of difference on your big day, which has so many moving parts and can be a bit chaotic. The last thing you want to worry about is receiving envelopes from guests (yes, they will say goodbye to you while you're boogying on the dance floor and try to hand you an envelope) or having them get misplaced in transport from the gift table.


Bonus: On average, we've found that gifts are much larger when the giver uses their credit card rather that providing cash or a check. We’ve also found that cash gifts increase when the gift-giver is contributing towards something specific, instead of just writing you a check from home without knowing what you intend to use it for.

Gift Money Management

You have the option to opt-in to gift notifications during registry setup. The new gift will also appear in the Gift Manager, accessible from your dashboard.Our Gift Manager lets you keep track of all your gifts in a simple chart that always lets you know the total of gifts you’ve received, as well as what is available for cash-out. It also captures the contact information of your gift-giver so you can easily send a thank you note!


If you would ever like to opt-out of these notifications, visit your Registry Preferences on the dashboard to change the setting. Regardless, you will always have a full accounting of your gifts on your Gift Manager chart.

The money in your account is yours from the moment it is deposited. Gift money that is available for Cash-Out will say 'Now' under the 'Gift Available' column.

You can cash-out as often as you like. Your redemption options are ACH direct deposit, personal check or international wire transfer. We only offer the option for a personal check for requests of $500 or more. 

Note about security: As a precaution against fraudulent transactions, there is a 72-hour security delay between what has been purchased and what is available for Cash-Out. To learn more, please reference the Security tab.

The reason that you have gifts that show they have been purchased on your registry, but that you have not received a notification for (via email or in your Gift Manager) is because we offer guests a time delay tool during Step 2 of checkout. Gift-givers often choose this option if they want to bring you a printable certificate of your gift to the main event and don't want to ruin the surprise of personally presenting you with your gift.


Not to worry! If you see the gift fulfilled on your registry we definitely have a record of it, but it is up to your guests' discretion as to when you will be notified. A little suspense never hurt anyone ;)

Your DAG site is yours to use as long as you'd like. Your URL is unique to you and you may continuously update it to share with family and friends. The registry itself may remain open indefinitely. The only way it is closed is if you choose to close it via your dashboard Settings.

Your registry can have a balance indefinitely and you can continue to receive gifts for as long as you'd like after your event date has passed. However, if you keep a balance more than a year after your event and still haven't collected your gifts, we may try to contact you, just to make sure you haven't forgotten about your gifts!

Absolutely. In fact, we built it especially with this purpose in mind. With the dropdown calendar under "Thank You Sent" you can mark the date you sent the note. The chart also captures the gift-giver's contact information, the date of the gift and the gift details. You can print the chart as it looks from the webpage or you can export it to an Excel file using the blue buttons above the chart. Click here to see an example of the Gift Manager/Thank You Note Tracker.


A special note about etiquette: Traditions evolve, and proper etiquette evolves right along with them. When you write thank you notes for monetary gifts, it’s perfectly acceptable to acknowledge the amount. Etiquette expert Peggy Post suggests that you might also like to mention what the monetary gift will be used for, so that gift-givers can share the fun and excitement. With Deposit a Gift this is simple because your gift-giver has already chosen to put money towards a specific item, selected directly from your registry.

Event Registry Setup

One word: personality.

We’ve built our service to be as customizable and personal as possible. Deposit a Gift is a much more engaging experience than just shopping. It’s a way to share the fun of what you hope and wish for with your friends and family. It’s about connecting and creating memories you’ll take with you into the future. Your loved ones will always be a part of it because they helped you make it happen.

This moment is not all about gifts. Your DAG website allows them to be active participants in this big occasion with pictures, video and engaging descriptions of your plans. Think whimsical. Think humorous. Break out your creative genius. Click to see samples.

And here’s a secret: When you’re creative and personal with your registry, your guests get more satisfaction out of contributing gifts for you. Everybody wins!

“Note Banks” offer wording options for your site’s Welcome Homepage and registry page. Use them as inspiration or use them verbatim. It’s up to you.

“Image Banks” give you access to all of the images you’ll need to build your registry.
Each image comes with a name that will automatically appear in your registry, but it is merely a suggestion. You can rename any image to reflect the gift you want it to be. We also have a special image bank accessible when you are editing your Welcome Homepage, in case you don’t have a personal one to upload. We will provide a default image if you do not upload/select an image.

“Rapid Registries” are pre-created registries based on different events and themes to help you get going. You always have the option to start from scratch, but hey, why re-invent the wheel if you don’t have to?  Use them as a foundation and then get creative by editing and adding to make your registry a personal reflection of you.

They are all included in the FREE service we provide to create your event registry site.

Definitely. We offer the ability to create an entire website, but you don't have to use it. Our samples show you the full range of pages at your disposal, but you decide which you need and turn off those that you don't with the ON/OFF radio buttons on your dashboard. If you prefer, you can turn off every page except your registry and just add the link to your website for guests to click to.

If you make a mistake during registry set-up, don't worry! Everything is editable from the dashboard for this event. Either hover your cursor over the 'Registries' menu at the top and a dropdown will appear with a clickable list, or you can click the name of your event from one of the hyperlinks on your Account Homepage to access the dashboard. (However, if you don't give your event a title, then it will appear as a blank underscore line that is also clickable.)


The SETTINGS area at the bottom of your dashboard gives you access to all of the editing tools you need. The reason someone might start over unnecessarily is because they want to change important details, like the URL. It is better to work with the exisiting registry than to start all over. You can revise your URL, rename your registry and even change the Registrant names (until you receive your 1st gift).

Sure. As long as you own the rights to them - meaning, you've purchased them from a stock photography website or they're your own photos. We don't recommend that you copy/paste a picture of an actual item from a store's website because it might cause someone to circumvent your Deposit a Gift registry and go buy it for you, before you've decided it's exactly what you want.

Image size limit is 1.5MB. They must be jpg or gif files only.

Flexibility is one of the best things about DAG. If you change your mind, you're free to choose something that suits you better. No returns. No hassles.


When you use images that are broadly representative of what you think you'll want, you give your friends and family something to give towards, while keeping your options open.

We offer the option of "unlimited" gifts should you decide that you would like to have some gifts that are a contribution model, versus individual gift items. It means that there is no limit on how much can be contributed towards this particular gift.


Setting the price point: Even though it's unlimited to receive this gift, you do still need to set a price point for guests to give at, just like a regular gift item. What does this mean? It means that you should not set an "unlimited" gift at $9,999, because that means that each gift item will cost your gift-giver $9,999. We recommend that you choose a smaller amount, somewhere in the range of $1-$100.


NOTE: We do not recommend setting all gifts as "unlimited" gifts. Why? "Unilimited" gifts do not show the progress of gifts being purchased, which can be motivating for guests if they see that people are using this registry.

If you would like to ensure that only authorized users can view your DAG site, you can create a password during Registry Set-Up Step 1 or via your Registry Preferences on the dashboard. You can turn the password protection ON/OFF at any time from here, as well as reset the password to your liking. If you choose this option, make sure to provide your guests with the password! 

Note: The Deposit a Gift support team will never share your password with guests. It is your responsibility to do so.

We love when our users want to incorporate giving to others into their celebration! With a Deposit a Gift registry you can absolutely list out the charities that you would like to donate to in honor of your milestone.


Use our gift image bank to pick from thousands of photos that might represent your charity of choice: How about a cow for Heifer International or a first aid kit for the Red Cross? There is no limit to your creativity! Then, when you cash-out and receive your total gift money, just send the funds allocated for charity to the organizations you listed. It's that simple. And a great way to show what you care about.


Here's an example from our Samples page. This couple is getting married and chose to register for charity, a honeymoon and their home.

If a registry item has yet to be purchased (either the entire item, or any requested units), you have the ability to edit it in its entirety: the image, item name, item description, requested amount and price. You also have the ability to delete it from your registry.


Once someone has purchased all, or part, of a gift item, you do not have the ability to delete it from your registry. What you can edit is:

  1. The number of requested units
  2. The gift description

If a gift has been fulfilled and you decide that you would like to add more units, you just need to edit the requested units to be more, and it will immediately become un-fulfilled and be a viable gift option.


Example: If you register for 2 'fancy Italian dinners in Rome' and someone buys you 1 out of the 2, you cannot change the gift itself. But you can change the quantity to be more or less (ie. You could take the requested quantity down to 1, and since you had already received 1, the gift would then be marked fulfilled. Or you could decide that you need 3 and increase the request to 3; the registry would then display that you had received 1 and still needed 2 more.)

Go to Find the video that you want to share, and look for the tab that provides the embeddable code. Copy/paste this HTML snippet into your website to insert the video player directly into your page. This way visitors will be able to play the video without leaving your site.

You can create a simple RSVP function to collect and manage all of the guest details with Google doc forms. It is incredibly easy to create any type of form that you need for your event. To do so, log into Google docs and click on the arrow next to 'Create New' -> a dropdown menu will appear and you will choose 'Create New Form.' You create your custom form via this function, even selecting a design theme to match your DAG site. Once complete, you simply use the hyperlink feature that we offer in the text editor to create the link to your RSVP form!

Your site is private, or hidden, until you say so. Only when you check Publish, does your event registry site get pushed-out for public viewing on the custom URL (web address) you created. This means that if someone searches your name to give you a gift, you will not appear in the search results until you publish your site.


You always have the option to keep your site private by checking the Hide button in the top right corner of your dashboard. In fact, this is the default setting when you first create a registry. Once you check Publish, your site is live, and then the party really begins!

Closing your registry means that no further shopping may take place via your registry; it is essentially "closed for business." However, even though the registry page is closed, the URL (web address) for your site is still active and will remain public, unless you want to hide it via the dashboard. This means that you can continue to use the other pages of your site to communicate with friends and family.


Perhaps you'll want to share pictures of your honeymoon after you return, or you might want to show pictures of the finished nursery that their gifts enabled you to decorate. Your unique site is yours to use as you wish as long as you want.

If you choose to delete your event registry site, it will be completely removed from the Deposit a Gift system. This means that you will never be able to access this information again, nor will anyone who searches for your name. Your site will be gone and the unique URL (web address) that you had selected will be available for another registrant to use.


You can only delete your event registry site if you have not yet received any gifts or if you have closed the registry for the site so that it can no longer receive any gifts. If you have a balance in your Gift Manager, you will need to cash-out and redeem your balance before you can delete your site.


When building your registry, keep the following in mind:

  • The number of guests you are inviting and how many gift-giving events there will be.
  • Start by creating a medium sized list. If everything gets purchased, you can easily add more. 
  • Make sure your gift list has a range of price points, anywhere from $10-$200 so guests have options.

What's popular with guests?

  • Experiences like honeymoons, newlywed activities and baby activities are amazing because who wouldn't want to be responsible for the time of your life? 
  • Contributions to your first home or attending college help make dreams come true.
  • Big ticket items like a crib or flat panel TV can be easily broken up into smaller amounts so that people can contribute whatever they can afford. Gift-givers who can only contribute a small amount love this because it allows them to be part of something bigger!

As with any registry, you want to provide your guests with as many options as possible. If you create a registry with a range of pricing options, this should accommodate any budget.

You can look around to see what the true costs are for the things you are planning to buy so that you have a sense of what you are working towards. You will also have the option to break down gifts into units of smaller amounts. For example, if a gift is going to cost you $150, you can list it as $150, break it into 2 gifts worth $75 each, or break it into 6 gifts worth $25 each.

Our Sample Registries offer great examples of how to register for a range of gifts.
And if you use our Rapid Registries, we will provide you with suggested gift amounts to get you started. However, you should feel free to edit for what will suit your needs.

The best thing you can do is keep it light-hearted and warm. Guests respond well to personal stories and funny anecdotes, so we recommend that you get creative with your Deposit a Gift registry to let them in on the action and contribute to dreams and experiences you want most. 


Gifts that are most well received (and purchased!) are often things that guests can relate to, because every gift-giver is on the hunt for the most special gift that you'll not only enjoy, but remember them for. Just speak from the heart and you'll do great!

Definitely. We offer an entire Note Bank of wording suggestions on the Edit Registry page. We highly recommend that you take the opportunity to speak directly to your guests about your registry: sharing your story is what makes this a more personal gift-giving experience, so take advantage of this special feature that you can't get anywhere else.


In the note at the top of the registry you can explain in a cute, appreciative way, what you are saving for, and why any contributions to these experiences/items will be so wonderful, memorable and special to you. If you would like extra help personalizing your registry, don't hesitate to contact us.

We recommend that you treat your Deposit a Gift event registry site as an online home-base for all of the celebration details. If you haven't yet sent out the save-the-dates, that is the perfect place to put your DAG site URL.

If you have moved on to the stage of invitations, you can include it in the following way:

  • If it is a wedding, the invitation is typically only about the wedding, and an invitation insert is the perfect place to direct guests to the website for all the wedding details. 
  • If it is a wedding or baby shower, birthday, graduation party or any other event where you are throwing the party for someone else, it is generally acceptable to include registry information on the invitations to make it easier for the guests.

Spreading the word to friends and family is easy. We provide you with a custom URL to make it easy to share via email or print in an invitation insert. We also provide printable notifications if you would like to download them. You will find them in the Share section of your dashboard. They are a complementary part of our hassle-free service.

Put the focus on the presence, not the presents. Most people want to know what it is that you want, but the communication part is what can get awkward. Your Deposit a Gift site can tactfully handle this for you because you don't have to explicitly ask for anything; the registry is simply there amongst the rest of the event details as an option for guests to choose from.


The most important thing for you to do is to be as gracious and personal as possible. Starting with the Welcome page, your focus should be on the celebration and letting your guests know how much you appreciate them. The idea is that you are not thinking about your event as being all about the gifts, and neither are your guests. 

Simple simon: We've done the organizational legwork so you don't have to. Every gift that you receive is captured in your Gift Manager chart (accessible via the dashboard). This chart serves two purposes:

  • A log to track all of your gift details
  • A place for you to keep track of when you've sent a thank you note

When all's said and done you have the ability to export the Gift Manager chart to excel so you can save it to your computer and always have a record for the future. Click here to see an example of the Gift Manager/Thank You Note Tracker chart.

When you say thank you for a gift from a Deposit a Gift registry it's much easier and more personal than thanking someone for a check because this gift has a name and a story behind it. If you maintain that same sense of personality in your thank you note, showing your appreciation will be second nature.


Think of it like this...You're not thanking them for the $40, $100 or $200, but rather for that romantic dinner date for two, the skydiving trip you always dreamed of, or for making it possible to afford the stroller that cost almost as much as your 1st car. None of it would have been possible without them :)

When it comes to thank you notes and timing, we always show deference to the etiquette guru, Emily Post.

Here's the gist: Thank you notes should be written within three months of receiving the gift. Sorry folks, the idea that you have a year is a myth. The best strategy to not get overwhelmed is to write the note within a day or two of receiving the gift. One note takes less than 5 minutes to write, but when it becomes a stack, that is when the task becomes daunting. So do yourself a favor, and get on it!


To stay on track, take advantage of the Thank You Note Tracker we offer in your Gift Manager chart. Get satisfaction every time you check off a completed note. And if you want a copy of the chart for your records, it's easy to export into Excel. Keep it fun, flexible and hassle-free...That's our motto!

If you are receiving a gift from your Deposit a Gift registry at an in-person event like a shower, the gift-giver will likely be presenting you with one of our printable gift certificates


If you are opening the gifts publicly, it is perfectly appropriate to exclaim over the gift item as it is named on the certificate, which could be anything from a massage to a date night. However, for the sake of discretion, we recommend that you do not announce the actual dollar amount. Just like with a traditional gift, what was spent is not the important part. All your guests want to know is what you received so they can gush over it with you.

Questions For Gift-Givers

Use Deposit a Gift just like you would a department store’s online registry service. Click here to see a demo:

  • Select the quantity of the specific item that you’d like to purchase based on how much you want to spend and click "Add to Cart."
  • When you are finished shopping click "Proceed to Checkout."
  • Follow the easy check-out process paying with your American Express, Visa, MasterCard or Discover and presto! You’ve just made someone smile.

Delivery: Instead of the registrant receiving the specific item today, they’ll receive the cash from your generous gift so that they can make a final purchase decision down the road.

Bonus: This isn’t any ordinary registry. Check out the other pages of your loved one’s personal event site to learn more about them and their upcoming festivity. Lucky for you, it’s all in one place.

Our process is most similar to a traditional registry checkout, so even for the less tech-savvy among us, checkout should be easy and familiar.


Our checkout process occurs in 3 easy steps:

  1. Billing and Payment: You enter your credit card information here
  2. Gift Details: You add a personal message here, and decide when you want your gift delivered
  3. Review Order: You review your order details one last time before processing the order


We will email you a receipt immediately upon purchase. This confirmation will also contain a link to your printable gift certificate, should you choose to use it.

Most definitely. Deposit a Gift registries are perfect for showers. We offer a couple of tools that make it fun and easy to give a shower gift:

  1. During checkout Step 2 you have the option to delay your gift to be delivered electronically after the shower date. So even though the gift will appear as 'Fulfilled' on the registry list, the registrant will not receive notification telling them who it is from. To see the process in visual steps, click here.
  2. Once the purchase has been made, you have the option to print a gift certificate.

How do you bring a "virtual" gift to a shower? 

Get creative!! People giving Deposit a Gift shower gifts often get do fun things like wrapping the certificate in a nice dish towel, sexy lingerie or a cute onesie, or including it in a card with parenting or marital advice. All of these things are great ways to make it feel like a real and personal gift, while still giving the guest of honor a gift that they truly want and will always remember you for.

Planning to bring your gift to a shower or wedding? No problem. We’ve made it easy for your online purchase to be a real-life gift without ruining the surprise. In step 2 of checkout, you’ll have the option to put a time delay on your gift notification.

Example: Say the Big Event is on June lst, and you’re depositing a gift on May 30th. When you checkout, just choose the date you’d like it to appear in their account (June 2nd in this example), and the registrant will be notified of the gift and have access to the funds at this time, and not a moment sooner.

After your deposit, you can print out a special gift certificate to include with your own card so that your recipients have something to open on the Big Day.

Physical gifts may be returned, forgotten or re-gifted, but with Deposit a Gift, you can be sure that your gift is exactly what they want, and will never be returned. The memory of you helping to bring to life something they've been dreaming about will last a lifetime.

Some people just aren’t ready to make their major purchase decisions at the time of the event, and by giving your loved one a gift from their DAG registry, you’re making it possible for them to save their money, take their time and then get what they want when the time is right.


They’ll have you to thank, not only for the lovely gift, but also for the low-stress, high-enjoyment experience. Now they can shop on their time and focus on what’s really important: preparing for this momentous transition in their lives. Deposit a Gift is the safe, simple way to help make the dreams of someone you care about come true.

You might be asking yourself, Why not just give them money at the event? It's a valid question, and there's absolutely nothing wrong with that; every gift is appreciated.


When you give your cash gift in advance with a Deposit a Gift registry, you're giving more than just the monetary gift, but also the luxury of time for the gift-recipients plan for how they want to use their gifts.

You'll always be remembered, not only for the personalized gift, but also for making the experience so easy and stress-free.



  • Maybe you're attending a wedding and the couple is planning to use the money for the honeymoon of a lifetime. If they know what they have to spend, it will make it easier for them to plan and pre-pay any reservations. Even if they leave right after the wedding, they'll be able to feel confident that they have the money in the bank to cover their expenses without the last-minute rush.
  • Perhaps there's a baby on the way and the family has registered for what they'll need to decorate the room just so. Having the money in advance to bring their ideas to life before the baby arrives will certainly make the preparations more enjoyable.

Deposit a Gift is the perfect solution for our busy, modern lives. With the safety and convenience of a credit card, you can make a monetary gift from anywhere in the world and help give the recipient exactly what suits them at this time in their life.

If you're giving a cash gift from a non-US country, DAG is the perfect way to help your gift-recipient avoid being assessed any currency conversion fees on personal non-US checks. And if you're traveling for the Big Event, even better, because now you don't have to worry about carrying anything on the plane, damage during shipping or shopping when you land!

No. Since what you are purchasing is not a physical product, we do not need to charge sales tax. Our service fee is always a flat 10.5% of the total gift purchase. There are no extra fees. No taxes. No gift wrapping costs. No shipping charges.

Using a credit card versus giving a gift via a check or cash can be far more convenient in terms of time and security -- plus, earn rewards points in the process! Credit cards offer a quick and seamless checkout, just like with any other store you've shopped at, both on and offline. You can feel secure knowing that it will arrive safely, so no need to worry about getting lost in the mail or misplaced at the gift table.

And when it's with a Deposit a Gift registry, you know what your gift money is going towards. 

We built our registry to make it easy for you to bring your gift to an in-person event like a shower or a birthday party. Click here for an article that will visually walk you through how this works.

In a Nutshell:

  1. During checkout Step 2 you have the option to delay your gift to be delivered electronically after the date of the party. This means that the registrant will not receive notification of the gift until the date that you select.
  2. Once the purchase has been made, you have the option to print a gift certificate. You will have access to a link for the gift certificate on the purchase confirmation page, as well as via the email receipt that we will send you immediately upon placing the order.

No. Gift-Givers do not need to have an account in order to give a gift. We built our registry to function just like a traditional department store registry, so the shopping process is exactly the same: you just add to cart the quantity of the item you would like to buy and go through the easy checkout process, which entails providing billing information, sending the registrant(s) a gift message, final order review and clicking the button to purchase.

Please view this process live by watching our video demos (the bottom one shows the purchase process).

We offer our users the option to add "unlimited" gifts to their registries should they decide that they would like to have some gifts that are a contribution model. It means that there are no limits on the quantity that can be contributed towards this particular gift.

How it works:

  • Decide the total amount that you would like to contribute 
  • Divide that number by the "Price" increment to determine the number of units that you will put in the "Quantity" column
  • Type the number of units into the text box under the "Quantity" column
  • Click "Add to Cart"

Example: Your loved one has an unlimited gift of a College Savings Fund for their new baby. The price increment they have chosen is $10. If you would like to contribute $100, then you list a quantity of 10.


Immediate Assistance

If you would like personal assistance contributing to a fundraiser or shopping from the registry, feel free to email or call us. We are pretty darn quick on email, and sometimes it is a more effective way for us to help you, so we always recommend that first: You can also feel free to ring us at: 646-504-7124.

If you believe you made an error while depositing your gift, please contact us immediately (ie. same day) via phone at 646.504.7124 or at For more information, see our Terms and Conditions.

Not a problem! If your gift certificate didn't turn out how you want, feel free to send an email to and we'll be happy to help make you a new one. Attach the original gift certificate to the email so we can see you concern, and if you want it to say something specific, please note that verbiage in the email.

If you prefer to pay by check, please contact us to arrange it: Email: or Call: 646-504-7124

You must email us at immediately, if you need to cancel a Cash-Out request.

If you have cashed-out by accident, and we have not yet processed this request, we can cancel the request for you without any implications and the money will go back into your account to await a future Cash-Out. There will be no penalty if the request was not yet processed.


If you have cashed-out via ACH direct deposit or international wire transfer, and we have already processed the request, unfortunately we cannot cancel it. If you have cashed-out via check and we have already processed the request but you still want it canceled, we can cancel it for you and put a stop on the check. However, you will be assessed a $30 stopped check fee in your next Cash-Out.


What You Need To Know

Security is our top priority. To get specific, our site uses industry standard 128-bit SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) to ensure that sensitive data (ie. credit card number, name, address, etc.) is transmitted securely during every transaction. SSL encrypts the data before it is transmitted so that it can never be read. You will see the SSL seal displayed on the page during checkout and the address bar will change to begin with https.

We’re sticklers about this. We never share or sell any of the personal information of our registrants or gift-givers. We store personal information in encrypted form on a secure sever for your protection. And we go one step further, which is important if you decide to create an account with us. No one on the Deposit a Gift staff will ever have access to our users’ private passwords. If you forget your password, you simply use the automated system for retrieval so that a human never knows what it is.

For further information, please see our Privacy Policy

This is one of our most important security protocols. Once your fundraiser or registry has received it's first contribtution, you cannot change the designated recipient of funds (for Fundraisers this is the name or organization you noted in your Preferences during setup and for Registries this is listed as  Registrant 1). While our servers are secured by the latest technology, someone could still gain access to your account if they discovered your log-in information or if you used our site on a public computer and did not log-out.

Since gift redemption checks and money transfers will only be distributed to the name and address designated in your Preferences, you’ve got an added layer of protection.
Even if a malicious user has access to your account, they still can’t get a check or direct deposit sent to them in their own name to a different address.

Once an account has at least one contribution, there are absolutely no exceptions to this rule.  If you are concerned that your address might change during the time leading up to your event, we recommend that you choose an alternate address of someone you trust who's address will remain permanent in the foreseable future.

Note about registries you create for someone other than yourself: If you are creating an event registry on behalf of someone else, make sure that you put the name of the gift-recipient in the “Registrant #1” field at the time that you create the registry. This is separate from when you sign-up for your DAG account in your name, with your email and password.  We’ve developed the system so that a DAG user’s account can facilitate multiple registries and fundraisers, even if the recipient of funds is different than the account holder.

Our goal is to keep fees low for everyone. So we need to make sure that credit card transactions are not fraudulent. The 72-hour security delay allows us to monitor for any fraudulent activity and take any necessary action. We apologize for any inconvenience.

As a precaution against fraudulent transactions, there is a 72-hour security delay between what has been purchased and what is available for Cash-Out. If the 'Gift Available' column displays today's date, it means that the gift money will be available today, but at the time that is exactly 72 hours after the payment.

Absolutely. Every user has an account with a Manager that keeps track of what they have received and who it is from. Even if you accidentally delete the email notification, there will always be a permanent record for you to reference, stored securely on our server.

After the giver’s credit card is charged, the money is deposited at FDIC insured, US-based, Chase bank. You have a Manager on your dashboard that tracks everything you've earned that is ear-marked for you. All withdrawals come from our account at Chase.