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Dana Ostomel

Cash Wedding Registry is the Green Way To Gift


October 1, 2010 -- New York, NY -- Engaged couples looking for a greener way to handle the gifting aspect of their wedding needn't look any further than Deposit a Gift.


It's easy to be green with Deposit a Gift: No shipping. No gift wrap. No returns. Just the green you want for what you need down the road!


Deposit a Gift is:

  • A cash gift registry that bridges the gap between a traditional registry and asking for cash, by allowing friends and family to contribute to dreams and experiences engaged couples want most.
  • Built to function like a department store registry, but allows users to register for anything - from honeymoons to home down payments, newlywed activities to charities - and receive the money for these presents to spend as they wish.
  • The most environmentally friendly way of handling the gifting aspect of a wedding, and is simply a less crass way of asking for cash.


Yesterday organizers of the WeddingChannel Couture Show and The Green Bride Guide announced the addition of a special Green Bride Pavilion at New York's Premier International Bridal Market, October 16-18, at the InterContinental The Barclay, New York. It sends a message that adding green touches to a wedding is here to stay because it just makes sense and isn't that hard to do.


Deposit a Gift has partnered with The Green Bride Guide to reach out to wedding journalists and bloggers interested in sharing the best green wedding resources with their readers. Members of the press and bloggers that visit the pavilion will receive a complementary ECOBAG and green media kit -- look for Deposit a Gift materials inside!


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