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Dana Ostomel

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We've Officially Launched!

Dear Friends,


After months—okay, a few years—of thought and planning—the time has come to launch my new business: Deposit a Gift™. We’re in beta!


Deposit a Gift is a cash gift registry website for all of life's big events. So whether you are getting married, having a baby or celebrating another milestone, this site is for you! We give our users the tools to create unique registries and design/host a free website, all in one place. Check out some samples.


Why are we different from other registries? We understand that gift giving—and receiving—can be complicated. Maybe you don’t know exactly what you want. You might love a new set of dishes, but don’t have the time to choose or room to store them. Maybe you are saving for a down payment or a fantastic honeymoon? At the same time, you want your guests to be comfortable with their gifts, and writing a check is not for everyone. Deposit a Gift solves the dilemma. It helps you register for what you want and lets your guests feel comfortable giving you money because they have a sense of what you will do with it.


So if you've seen it, heard of it, or just imagined it, you can register for it at Deposit a Gift. Our incredible image database makes it easy for you to show guests what would be most meaningful at this time in your life. Then sit back and watch your registry account grow. Cash-out when you’re ready to spend the gift money and fulfill your dreams.


Click here for demo videos to see the site in action. We welcome you to be our first guests to register and, of course, feel free to spread the word!  Thank you in advance for all of your support. Wishing you a happy holiday season and a wonderful New Year!


Best regards,

Dana Ostomel
Chief Gifting Officer

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