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Foundling Launches Emergency Relief Fund With Deposit a Gift
Parents and Children in Need of Food, Clothing and Supplies in Hurricane Sandy Aftermath


(November 2, 2012, New York, NY) – The New York Foundling, one of the City’s oldest and largest children and family services agencies serving more than 11,000 people across all five boroughs of New York City, is launching an emergency relief fund for children and families who are displaced due to Hurricane Sandy:


The Foundling operates residential homes for families and children in some of the hardest hit areas including Staten Island and lower Manhattan. Numerous foster homes and residential facilities experienced serious damage including broken windows, flooded buildings and spoiled food. While all of the children and families are safe, many have experienced extensive damage to their homes and were displaced due to power outages and flooding.


The organization’s main headquarters at 590 Avenue of the Americas in Manhattan, which is also home to a mother/child and teen pregnancy program serving up to 23 young mothers and their babies, lost power and its back up generator failed. All of the women and their children--some as young as two days old--were moved to a residential facility in the Bronx.


The Foundling’s Staten Island facility, which serves teenagers working to improve their lives and get back on their feet, faced a blackout during the storm and must purchase a generator to prevent the loss of power in the future.


“Like many New Yorkers, The Foundling is working on rebuilding after experiencing serious damage. Our foster parents, young mothers and children desperately need help and any support from the community is greatly appreciated so that we can all get back on our feet,” said Bill Baccaglini, CEO of The New York Foundling.


Donations collected through the emergency relief fund will help The Foundling offset some of the costs from the damage as well as help families rebuild their lives and homes.


Deposit a Gift, a fundraising platform and local New York City startup, is partnering with The Foundling to launch the relief fund and will donate an additional 4% of each contribution given. To make a donation, go to



About The New York Foundling

The New York Foundling's extensive network of community-based services throughout the greater New York City metropolitan area and in Puerto Rico provides havens for children whose safety is at risk, loving foster homes, and preventive services to protect children while also offering support to strengthen families. The Foundling also cares for hundreds of people with disabilities in nurturing residential programs in our communities. The New York Foundling. Empowering Children and Families. Since 1869.


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