Sample Fundraisers

Medical Expenses: Samantha’s Recuperation Fund
Samantha was hit by a drunk driver, lost her leg and is on a ventilator. Her friends are raising money to help with medical bills.
Non-Profit: Build a Community Garden
Their mission is to revitalize the neighborhood through a new community garden and after school program.
PTA: Rebuild Our School Gym
The PTA has decided to take their campaign for a new gym online so the community can get these kids the gym of their dreams.
Cancer: Battling Pediatric Leukemia
Mona has been battling leukemia for the last 4 years. She is 7. This is her last chance, and an opportunity for her community to help her beat it.
Disabilities: New Seeing Eye Dog for Lucy
Lucy is blind and needs a seeing eye dog to get around, but unfortunately her faithful companion recently passed away. Her loved ones are hoping to raise the money for her 30th birthday.
Film Production
Documentary for a Green World
This aspiring filmmaker is hoping to fund his project online so he can start shooting asap.
Entrepreneur: Restaurant Dream
This restaurant’s about to double in size with the support of its patrons.
Transplant: Cara Needs a New Liver
Little Cara is about to get her long-awaited liver transplant, but it’s very expensive. Friends and family are rallying together to relieve the family of this financial burden so they can focus on what matters most: getting Cara better.
Memorial Fund: Police Officer
Mitch was a police officer killed in the line of duty. In lieu of flowers, this site was created for people to donate to the family.
Business Expansion: Ten Toes Ballet Studio
Miss Gina is expanding her ballet studio business to give the gift of dance to even more students. Here is where students and alumni can show their support to help her grow.
Product Development: Video Game
Art student with a big idea for a groundbreaking video game looks for funding online from friends, family and video-game enthusiasts.
Marching Band
School Trip: Send The Marching Band to NYC
The marching band has been chosen to participate in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. The students are doing everything they can to raise the money to get there.
Corporate Donations
Corporate Responsibility: Yearly Donation Fund
This company is raising money for two organizations with events throughout the year.
Volunteer: Trip To Africa
Katie is raising money to go on a volunteer trip to Africa where she’ll teach English and do environmental research. Help her do good in the world!
Music: Help Our Band Go On Tour
This band is harnessing the power of friends and fans to crowdfund it’s first national tour.
College Fund
College Fund: In Memoriam
Dan died suddenly of a heart attack. This fund will feed an education trust for his daughters.

Sample Registries

Sarah and Jordan are getting married. After 5 years together, their household is pretty complete. To celebrate their marriage they've registered to honeymoon in Bali. Romance and adventure awaits!
Traci and Charles are tying the knot! They are planning to buy their first home and are saving for a down payment.
Melanie and Bill are having their first baby. They live in a small apartment and would prefer to buy what they need as they go. First up: Creating the perfect baby room.
Wedding Charity
Brenda and Ryan are excited to extend their passion for social action to their wedding. To honor their union, they've registered for charitable donations and a hybrid honeymoon of volunteer tourism.
Commitment Ceremony
Commitment Ceremony
After 20 years together, Anthony and Chris are going to formally get hitched! They are hoping to take their dream honeymoon: an African Safari.
Graduation Surprise
Graduation Surprise
Amelia is graduating from college and her parents are throwing a surprise party to celebrate. They know she wants to hit the big city to look for a job and have created a registry to help get her started!
Baby Shower
Baby Shower
Michelle and Luca Mendez are having a baby and their friends are throwing them a baby shower.
Bat Mitzvah
Bat Mitzvah
Rachel and Ruthie are twins celebrating their Bat Mitzvahs together. They would like to take their first trip to Israel to commemorate the occasion.
Retirement Surprise Party
Howard is retiring and his co-workers are throwing him a surprise party. They know that he's always dreamt of doing a cross-country trip of the national parks and are chipping in to make it happen!