Deposit a Gift was really a great service! I’m super excited that we chose to go with Deposit a Gift for our registry because it was easy to use and convenient for everyone all around, my husband, myself, and guests. Rene and I had been living together, and already had everything we really needed. As I was searching for alternative options for registries, Deposit a Gift was the perfect idea! We told all of our family and friends that it was a honeymoon registry, and everyone responded on what a neat idea it was. I got to select different options for what we were going to do on our honeymoon, and everyone in the process felt like they were involved. Customer Service was awesome as well. As I was going through the process, Dana would send notes and emails asking me if I needed help with anything. Thanks Deposit a Gift, I would definitely recommend your services to anyone considering an different option than the traditional registry. Pam and Rene

Rene and Pam  
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Deposit a Gift is a great idea! I used the site to raise money for a charity bike ride I did with my kids, ages 10 and 4. The site was intuitive, easy to use, and a convenient one-stop-shop to send people interested in our ride. We set up our donation page so that people could help us buy equipment for the ride or just make a donation to our charity. Deposit a Gift even published an article about our plans to help spread the word. How cool is that?! I will definitely use the site again for our next family fund raiser.

Bike adventure
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We chose Deposit a Gift to host our registry because we had guests from two countries and no single source for gifts made sense for us. Deposit a Gift made it easy to create a customized registry where we could specify how we intended to use our gifts and to set values for items that were appropriate for a range of guests. We were very happy with DAG as an alternative to traditional registries.

Ben and Katie 
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