Deposit a Gift complemented our very laid back wedding! Guests loved the idea that they were purchasing an experience for us and helping us with our Epic USA Trip. We had huge amounts of feedback saying they thought it was much more personalised than a normal gift registry, with people being able to pick and choose. The animal lovers purchased Horse Riding in Wyoming for us, and the music lovers, bought us tickets to the Seattle Music Museum. People were not overwhelmed by the amounts listed which was another good thing. We were also told that it was extrememly easy to use, so even the less computer savvy people were able to navigate with ease. Dana (from Deposit a Gift), noticing that we were not from the USA helped us populate our registry with some really awesome suggestions which we have incorporated into our trip. Deposit a Gift was simply the best!!!

Jenna and Kieran 
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I would recommend DAG to any engaged couple looking for a unique way for their guests to give gifts as they begin their married life. We decided to use it as a way for friends and family to give us experiences on our honeymoon to the Galapagos islands. Based on their feedback, they really enjoyed the idea of giving us snorkeling and sea kayaking experiences rather than gifting typical domestic items. We are very please with our decision to use DAG as one registry option to offer guests, and to be able to personalize gifts with descriptions and photos of the activity. Most importantly, the customer service at DAG is amazing, and helped us out a lot in crafting our site to be the most user friendly for guests. Don't miss out on this unique opportunity to personalize your wedding registry! You won't regret it.

Ellen and Ted 
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My Husband is a guitarist and when it comes to gifts he is very simple..Anything music..Gear,Guitars,Pedals..you name it, he loves it, but it was his 30th bday, a big one and i wanted to get him something different and special..something unexpected. When we married, we had a cash gift registry for our honeymoon and our guests loved it so i though why not do the same thing for a birthday. It is so hard in our busy lives to sometimes get together and celebrate and also even get a gift when juggling work, families and day to day living so why not take that stress away and let people be involved with a great gift for someone they love but without the stress and hard work, let someone else take care of all that! I had a piece of art that i wanted to buy but it was too expensive for me to buy alone so i decided that the fund would be for the painting but if we raised more than we needed, this would be given to justin as cash to buy whatever he wanted. I had no idea people would be so generous! Not only did we get the painting for him and it was a huge surprise and is now hanging in his studio but he also got money to buy a new guitar! The site is so easy to navigate,set up, and use, its bright and personalised and as well as donating you get to leave a special message and look at pics or read what has been created, it makes you feel involved and closer to that person. It is such a cool way of bringing people together and making someone feel loved and special. Dana and her team are so helpful and lovely and were there to answer questions or solve issues at the drop of a hat..the experience couldn't have been better or smoother. I will def be using DAG again and again and wont hesitate to spread the word. Thankyou DAG !!! Love clare Turton x

Justin and Clare 
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