This site is simply amazing! Ten days before the end of the year party honoring a staff member who had worked in our department for twenty years, fundraising for a gift the traditional way was going very slowly. I chanced upon this site on a google search, after deciding against other, more popular cash registries because of high and hidden fees and complicated means of getting the money. In a week and a half with our Deposit a Gift registry, we were able to raise an impressive sum of money for our colleague (all while keeping it a surprise). The site design kept things simple for me as manager of the registry. Dana Ostomel was friendly, helpful and replied to my questions promptly over phone and email, and even sent me a nice postcard after we spoke! Cashing out was a breeze, especially since there were no additional fees, and our colleague was super surprised when she received the deposit directly into her account. I'm telling everyone I know about this site!

Jamicia Lackey 
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I just wanted to reach out and thank you for the great experience we had with Deposit a Gift. We had created a honeymoon registry for our trip to New Zealand for our wedding, and everyone loved it. It's such a unique but easy way of having a registry. It was fun to see how people totally got into it, too: all the "cool" stuff was taken first, and then some friends commented that "unfortunately only" car rental days or airfare miles were left :-) We also had guests from overseas contribute, and no one seemed to encounter any problems whatsoever. Cash out was unproblematic. Service impeccable - awesome tool!

Richard and Friederike 
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Deposit a Gift is the perfect solution for those who don't feel comfortable asking for cash, specifically. (Or, have family members who are against it.)Because my husband and I had been living together for several years prior to getting married, we were fortunate enough to have already made a home together with nice things, so we really didn't need any items to help us get started. With that said, we were thinking about the future and what we would love to have in our future home. With Deposit a Gift, we were easily able to set up a registry and choose things we would love to have when the time was right. People were able to contribute to specific items and not feel like they were just handing us a check. Beyond that, the customer service is phenomenal! Dana is so helpful and responsive. She even sent us a handwritten note to let us know she is available and thank us for using the service. When is the last time a company has given you a personalized, handwritten note???? Seriously. We think this is a fantastic service and plan on using it in the future. Thanks Deposit a Gift!

Emily and Dan 
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