Deposit a Gift was great for us. We've lived together for years so our home is pretty well set up and we didn't have much room for tradition wedding-type stuff in our tiny house anyway. With Deposit a Gift, we were able to register for things that we like to do and that reflect our interests and lifestyle like theater tickets, trees in our back yard, a CSA subscription, skiing tickets and a Sunday New York Times subscription! It was also a great way for people to show a little of their own personality in the gifts that they chose to contribute to.

Kate and Kyle 
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When we got married, we knew we would move within a year. What we didn't know is where we would land. We were looking at jobs at home and abroad and it was anybody's guess where we would end up! Using Deposit a Gift for our wedding registry allowed us to celebrate with friends and family without acquiring a lot of stuff we might have to part with sooner than we would like. Once we got settled, we sent everyone who contributed to a downpayment on our first house a picture of the new home they helped us make! Deposit a Gift was with us throughout the wedding--providing lightning fast support for us, walking our friends and family through gift purchasing process and helping us remember who to thank!

Eddy and Nicci  
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A cousin of mine sent me a link to this site when I had posted a fundraiser to raise money to help defray to costs of studying abroad. What a great idea! It was easy to set up and taylor to my own needs. It was great to get those email notifications telling me someone had made a gift deposit and to read who sent it and the messages they sent along with the donation. I was able to raise $1000 to help with the cost of studying abroad. I will let anyone know about this site when they need to raise a little cash or start a gift registry.

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