DAG was a great option for us for the following reasons: 1) It allowed the baby shower to be about celebrating the impending arrival of our son rather than about stuff. 2) It allowed people to still feel like they were getting us things we needed, while allowing us the flexibility to choose where to buy things (local stores, cheaper, online options, etc.). 3) It allowed us to buy things as we needed them at our own pace AND it allowed us to change our mind in case we did more research and found that we wanted a different brand or style of something. We highly recommend going this route for your registry, as it seems to be the best of all registry/gifting worlds.

Rachel and Garrett 
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As a Ph.D. student and a recent Ph.D. living in a small apartment and likely to move to some undetermined place in the country (or world) within the next 2 years or so, the last thing we needed was a toaster, silverware set, towels, and all the other lovely items that better serve people who have settled into their home and future. Deposit a Gift allowed us to kindly ask our loved ones for what we really need (cash to put towards a new home when we do eventually settle) in a polite and personal manner. It was easy to use the site, and the one time we ran into an issue with our checking account numbers, the person we emailed with was quick to respond and very helpful.

Mariana and Bob 
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As a gift giver, I love the idea of Deposit a Gift because it makes it very easy to personalize a gift without an effort - yup, for the lazy gift giver that wants to make it personal - I am this person. I am not proud of it but a get away wedding is so busy with flight planning, hotel bookings, car rentals and all well in advance. The gift is the last thing on my mind. As a person that has had three weddings this summer at locations where I have had to travel, it would have been so nice to click on a link, make your choice of a gift, pay for it and you don't worry about anything else. You can avoid knowing what to give as a cash gift without the typical questions of: 'What is the right amount to give if you travel to a wedding?', What if I am solo, how much cash should I give?', What is the amount of a gift for a wedding in Toronto vs. Saskatoon? Ask around and you will be surprised the differences of a geographical locations for cash gifts. With Deposit a Gift, I get to go on and select the gift that best suits the couple based on my experience with them. I get to personalize the gift and take into consideration our relationship. For any couple's looking for making it easy on your guest, go with Deposit a Gift.


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