My husband and I are both from Argentina, but we've been leaving in the US for a long time. We got married in South Florida. So for us Deposit a Gift was just what we were looking for in a registry. Thanks to it tomorrow we leave to our honeymoon! It is so user friendly, fast, and Dana was very helpful!! Even my family and friends from Argentina could access the website and send us presents. It is great!!! I will highly recommend using this service, I couldn't be more happy with it!!!!

Soledad and Nicolas 
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This website popped out of my imagination!!! How many more birthday presents do our kids need? We buy them what they want most of the time and they don't appreciate half the gifts they receive anyway. My friends and I decided to throw a group birthday party for three eight year olds and asked their friends and parents not to bring gifts. Instead, we asked them to help us raise money to buy toys for a children's hospital. We set up a web page on Deposit a Gift, explained our story on the welcome page, and then asked parents to donate whatever they wanted or nothing at all. The parents were thrilled they didn't have to buy three gifts and could simply go on line and make a donation using a credit card. We raised over $1000 dollars and let each boy spend about $50 to buy whatever they wanted at Toys R Us. They were thrilled! The rest went to buy a Wii and an Apple lap top for an oncology wing which the boys hand delivered themselves to the kids at the hospital. Deposit a Gift gave us the unique opportunity to allow our guests an easy and private way to donate, cut down on the unnecessary clutter of unwanted and unneeded toys and helped us to teach our children the value of giving. Dana was a dream to work with and so helpful. We will do this every year! Thanks again Deposit a Gift!!!

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We recently got married and used Deposit a Gift for our registry. We were moving across country for graduate school a couple months after the wedding, so a traditional registry with fancy blenders, espresso makers and 800-count sheets would have meant lots of extra packing. We decided that it would be fun, and a whole lot easier, to do a honeymoon registry instead, and Deposit a Gift made it simple to do. We were able to pick items from their stock list - plane tickets, hotels, rental car, scuba diving, surfing - as well as customize a few of our own, such as hiking along the Na Pali coast. Lots of our guests commented that they thought it was a great, unique idea - and we even have friends who are now considering using Deposit a Gift for their own wedding. Our entire experience with Deposit a Gift - especially Dana, the owner - was awesome. Dana was incredibly responsive when we had some questions early on, and kept checking in to make sure everything was running smoothly. We will definitely use Deposit a Gift again and recommend it to anyone wanting a simple, hassle-free registry.

Andrew and Megan 
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