Active DAG Site: Administrative Communications

If you have an active DAG site with Deposit a Gift, you are subscribed to receive the direct email communications that are necessary to best support you throughout your fundraising and registry process. You may not unsubscribe from these emails if you wish to maintain your DAG site.

If you no longer wish to receive direct communications about your fundraiser or registry, you may delete your DAG site from the system by visiting your dashboard.

Active DAG Site: Opt-In Communications

For email communications that are optional, log-in  to your account, go to the dashboard for the specific fundraiser or registry you would like to manage and look for the "Preferences" section within your SETTINGS. Here you can make any changes to your opt-in selections.

Site-Wide DAG User Emails: Opt-In Communications

To manage site-wide email communications that are optional, log-in to your account and click "MY PROFILE" from the top navigation menu. Here you may manage your preferences for optional email communications.

DAG User Account: Administrative Communications

From time to time we may find it necessary to send you an informational email if you have an account with Deposit a Gift. We will endeavor to keep these to a minimum.